The mission of the Energy GRID Institute is to tackle the next generation of energy development problems, in a way that creates a "win-win" for all stakeholders- from end-users to industrial developments. Our goal at GRID is to dissect academic jargon in a manner that provides tangible progress on complex issues that are facing the broader energy industry. The heart of our research focuses on keeping the lights on. Whether it is determining what materials are needed to develop the next generation of wind turbines, taking lessons from the biomedical industry to improve our understanding of battery storage life, or designing the power electronics that are needed for implementing systemmic designs, GRID's research takes a hands-on approach to sustainable energy. We work to research, develop, and deploy energy innovation in our own City, so we can help other areas of the world understand what its like to work effectively.  The Pitt GRID Institute is the nexus for collaborative grid research, development, and demonstration in Pittsburgh. GRID provides energy leadership for the City and the region, and promotes economic growth through advanced technological leadership.


GRID: Partnering with industry and the community to build the clean and intelligent power grid of the future.