Dr. Robert Kerestes

  • Director, Undergraduate Electrical Engineering Program
  • Affiliate, Energy Grid Institute

Robert J. Kerestes, PhD rjk39@pitt.edu

Research Interests Engineering Education, STEM Curriculum Development, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Physical Systems, Power Systems Control & Stability, Smart Grid Technology, Electric Machinery, Power Quality and Renewable Energy Technologies. Academic Employment 2018-Present 2017 2016-Present Director of Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Program

• Advised and mentored ungraduated electrical engineering students

• Chaired electrical and computer engineering undergraduate curriculum committee

• Worked on continuous improvement of faculty advising and mentoring process for the ECE department

• Worked on continuous improvement of electrical engineering undergraduate curricula

• Conducted and orchestrated departmental undergraduate seminar Associate Director of Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Program

• Assisted in the advisement of undergraduate electrical engineering students. Assistant Professor – University of Pittsburgh Courses: • ECE 0031 – Linear Circuits and Systems I • ECE 1259 – Electromagnetics • ECE 1266 – Applications of Fields and Waves • ECE 1771 – Electric Machinery • ECE 1775 – Power Quality • ECE 2774 – Power Systems Analysis II • ECE 2795 – Advanced Electric Machines & Drives Principle Investigator: • Foundations for Engineering Education for Distributed Energy Resources (FEEDER) and Grid Engineering for Accelerated Renewable Deployment (GEARED) – Department of Energy

• Development of Real-Time Tutor Sourcing Application – Office of the Provost’s Personalized Education Grant Committee Participation: • ECE Lab Committee (Former Chair) • ECE Undergraduate Committee (Co-Chair) • ECE Undergraduate Advising • ECE Power Committee • ECE NTS Faculty Search Committee • ECE ABET Committee Undergraduate Student Advising: • Advised undergraduate students of course selections to fit their desired career path. • Advised undergraduate students of graduate school requirements and opportunities. 2013-2016 Adjunct Professor – University of Pittsburgh Courses: • ENGR 1869 – Electrical Engineering for Non EE Students • ECE 1259 – Electromagnetics • ECE 1673 – Linear Control Systems • ECE 1769 - Power Systems Analysis (course development only) • ECE 1710 – Power Distribution Systems Engineering and Smart Grids • ECE 1773 – Power Generation, Operation and Control (co- instructor) • ECE 2795 – Special Topics: Power – Renewable and Alternative Energy Systems (co-instructor) 2010-2012 Teaching Assistant (Electrical Engineering) – University of Pittsburgh Courses: • ECE 1673 – Linear Control Systems • ECE 1769 - Power Systems Analysis • ECE 1773 – Power Generation, Operation and Control 2008-2010 Teaching Assistant (Mathematics) – University of Pittsburgh Courses: • MATH 0025 – Applied Algebra • MATH 0031 – College Algebra • MATH 0032 - Trigonometry and Functions 2008-2010 Mathematics Tutor – Math Assistance Center, University of Pittsburgh Subjects: • Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Vector Analysis and Complex Variable Analysis 2009 Undergraduate student researcher, Seoul National University, IRES

• Performed semiconductor research using a transmission electron microscope Industry Employment 2012-2016 Senior Engineer – Emerson Process Management Tasks:

• Mathematical Modeling for Dynamic Simulation of Thermal Power Plants, Electrical Power Systems and Microgrids

• Project Lead for Dynamic Simulator Modeling Team • Development of Synchronous Generator Control Algorithms

• Development and Implementation of Emerson OvationTM Embedded Algorithms Using a Combination of Simulink and C Military Employment 2002-2006 United States Naval Reserve

• Third Class Petty Officer, Construction Battalion Electrician • Honorable Discharge 1998-2002 United States Navy, Active Duty • Third Class Petty Officer, Interior Communications Electrician • Qualified Ship’s Power Systems Switchboard Operator • Common Core Engineering Training – Engineering Plant General Operation • Electrical Core Training – Engineering Plant Electrical Operation • Interior Communication “A” School – Ships Communication Systems • Honorable Discharge

Education University of Pittsburgh 2012 – 2014 Doctor of Philosophy – graduation – April 2014 • Electrical Engineering Major (concentration in Power Systems) • Completed Doctoral Thesis – “Estimation of Harmonics, Interharmonics and Sub-Harmonics in Motor Drive Systems” 2010 – 2011 Master of Science – graduation – December 2011 • Electrical Engineering Major (concentration in power systems) • Completed master’s thesis – “Economic Analysis of Grid Level Energy Storage for the Application of Load Leveling” 2007-2010 Bachelor of Science – graduation – April 2010 • Electrical Engineering Major (concentration in power systems) • Mathematics Minor Community College of Allegheny County 2003-2007 Transferred in September 2007 • Physics/Mathematics Major Honors and Awards 2011 First Ever Siemens’ T&D Service Solutions Graduate Power and Energy Scholarship 2011 IEEE Student Member 2009 Eta Kappa Nu – Honors Society for Electrical and Computer Engineers 2006 Phi Theta Kappa – Honors Society for Students Attending Junior College Technical Publications 2012 “Advancements in Medium Voltage DC Architecture Development with Applications for Powering Electric Vehicle Charging Stations”, IEEE Energy Tech 2012 “Economic Analysis of Grid Level Energy Storage for the Application of Load Leveling”, IEEE PES 2012 General Meeting 2012 “Survey of Battery Energy Storage Systems”, IEEE PES General Meeting 2012 “Design and Simulation of a DC Fast Charge Electric Vehicle Charging Station Connected to a Medium Voltage DC Infrastructure”, IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition