International Comparisons

The overall objective of the Danish Energy Governance Partnership is to share Danish eperiences of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and district heating systems with relevant authorities in the U.S. The Energy Governance Partnership team is able to draw on the broad pool of experts at the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) as well as, to a limited extent, technicians, planners and managers from Danish utility companies.  These experts can serve to provide learning opportumities for local influencers and decision makers in a collaborative way to better inform future energy planning and decision making . The main resource that will be made available to partners in this agreement lies within the DEA, which has decades of experience to draw from on providing policy and guidance frameworks for increased energy efficiency, enhanced deployment of renewables and coupling of the power and the heat sectors to develop efficient district heating systems. Pittsburgh has been selected as the first city for comparison for an international partnership with the Danish due to the city's dedication to energy efficiency, renewables, and sustainability.  Through this partnership, the Danish Energy Agency hopes to host future seminars, workshops, and study tours with appropriate partners in the Pittsburgh area that will lead to the concrete production of a paper that outlines the comparison of energy governance in Denmark and Pennsylvania, with a focus on how these policies help or hinder the progress and development of Smart Cities.